#2 The Bear Trap of Lowest Price

Shopping lowest price instead of real value.

Low prices can simply be the bait that attracts you to inquire by phone or email. The result can be that you simply buy because it is the cheapest price.  OR, the sales people can use your inuiry to ‘up-sell’ you.  And sometimes, sales people are simply order takers who don’t care enough about you to be sure you’re going to be satisfied with the purchase.

Low price can mean that the equipment simply does not have the quality that is built into machines with good engineering and superior materials.bear-trap


In my case, I knew of no sawmill dealers in Alaska.  So, based on what I thought I knew, an order was entered for an LT15  which we picked up in Whitehorse.  Looking back we should ordered an LT28 because of portability.

Let’s look at Mistake Number 3, knowing which is more important, two things that must be reconciled.