Blade Services


Most of our customers get 4-6 sharpenings from every blade.  This dramatically lowers the cost of operating.  Most blades can be mailed to almost anywhere in Alaska for about $25.Keep your box and ‘C’ clips.  Call me and I will email you a label.  Simply place it on the outside and drop it off a the Post Office.  In a few days your blades will be returned to you – razor sharp, properly re-set and ready to make boards.

Below you will see some interesting blade photos.  A short caption describes the condition of the blade.

Blade 1Stress Cracks formed by normal blade running.

Stress Crack 1

Stress Crack made worse by the roller running against the back of the blade. Note the rolled edge as well as the worn tooth tip.


















Broken Teeth (blade was destroyed).

Broken Teeth (blade was destroyed).


















Tooth tip damage 1

The corner of the tooth was chipped. Likely from gravel or dirt.


















Special note:  A convenience charge of 3% will be added to Credit Card charges over $500.00.