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Class Descriptions for TF101 and TF102


TF 101  Wall Framing


July 1-5  with July 6 (Saturday) reserved as a rain day. $895.00 ($795 for returning students), for 5 days.  Great Noon meal included.


Vertical posts with hand cut English Tying Joints give the structure long life and a solid personality.  Curved braces lock the top plates and support posts together for a firm connection between the upper wall structure and the bottom plates.

Cross members are notched into the vertical posts with required door headers also notched in.

The wall structure is then dis-assembled so that the roof can be constructed with the upper wall plate at ground level. 

Consistency and accuracy is paramount with traditional timber framing and we make use of a number methods both traditional and modern to ensure this is achieved.

Go/nogo gauges, templates and Sketchup will all be used throughout.

In addition, we also make use of ‘rods’ a traditional method of measuring similar framing components used since medieval times.  Rods have the advantage over tape measures as they are much more absolute in the marking of components.

We also introduce the use of Timberlinx connectors, a mechanical method of jointing heavy timbers as an alternative to conventional carpentry.  There are a number of mechanical jointing options available but in our opinion this is by far the best.  The resulting joints are visually indistinguishable from joints produced using traditional carpentry but requiring less time time, specialist equipment and expertise.

We will be demonstrating how we use Sketchup 3D design software to visualize designs concepts to both students and our customers in all of our classes.


TF102 Roof and Rafter Framing


July 8-13 with Saturday, the 13th as a Rain Day.  $895 ($795 for returning students).  Catered Noon meal included.



Following the TF101class, the frame is partially disassembled.  The wallplates and tiebeams are then laid out on the ground and used as the base for the roofing class – for reasons of safety and accessibilty.

Students will learn how to layout and manufacture principle rafters,kingposts and purlins during this class.

We will demonstrate the use of hand tools as an alternative to power tools where appropriate.

When you attend our Timber Framing classes you will learn to use of a number of proven techniques developed over the years in Scotland and the UK.

See the video of the 2017 timber frame class


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Craig Thomson

Craig Thomson