Timber Frame Class 2017

Sign up now for the 2017 Denali School of TimberFraming.

Space is limited to 12-15 students.

Scheduled for the week of July 17-21, 2017, this class will cover materials and techniques which will help you complete a successful Timber Frame project.  

Craig and Jim Thomson

Mr. James Thomson of Thomson Timber in Scotland, and his son, Craig will again be the main instructors.  

Their work will cover as many aspects of a TF Project that we can incorporate into a 5 or 6 day class as possible.

We will cover joint design, layout, timber sizing and preparation.  Making Go/No-Go gauges so that every mortise and every tenon fits perfectly.

Tool selection and usage is a big part of this class.  Professional tools like the Makita power mortiser and framing chisels by Quenton Barr are used in the class and are available.

A list of suggested tools can be found here.

Pre-Timber Frame Class Offer

Using Sketchup for Timber Framing

Ben Whitney, Thomson Timber

Ben Whitney will be sharing how to use Sketchup, a free CAD program to createTimber Frame designs.  He will show how to draw and detail the joinery, incorporate dimensions, add textures to materials, and place your frame design into a photo of the location where you intend to build.

2016 Model 16 x 16 Frame

Simple Frame shown in a possible location

Assembling a scale model

It is helpful if you can bring your laptop and any paper or CAD sketches you are considering.  During the afternoon of  Day 2, (Saturday), each student will print his design on the HP plotter in a flat, but scaled printout.  Scaled pieces of hardwood will then be placed on the printout and a model of the structural frame assembled.


We will be using traditional timber frame designs which may be assembled with the Timberlinx connectors.  This gives the advantage of structures which are easily movable and can put up OR moved efficiently.

Estimated cost is $650.00.  Includes catered meals which were really, really good last year.

Call 907.360.2497 for more information.

Parker (sponsor) and Jim Thomson, Instructor.  Craig Thomson, Asst. instructor.  Ben Whitney, Sketchup Class instructor.


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