Timber Frame Tools, For Class and For Work

Professional quality tools are expected to last a life time.  They deliver precision results without requiring unusual exertion.

Here is a brief description of the tools we like best and where to find them.

Veritas Bevel-Up Jack plane

Veritas Bevel Up Rabbit Plane. Expensive but worth having. Click for a video demonstration.










Barr 2 inch Framing Chisel. Available from Wood-Mizer Alaska.

Every timber framer should have a 1-1/2 inch and a 2 inch chisel.  The finest forged chisels come from Quenton Barr.  These tools are strong.  Well balanced, they come SO sharp that we teach students to keep them end covered or sheathed when not in use.  The reason is that if you leave a Barr chisel sitting on a table and happen to brush it with your arm, the resulting cut can be painless – but deep

Leather guards keep your tools protected. Available from Wood-Mizer Alaska.








Keep your blades and tools as sharp as a razor with Tormek water bath slow speed grinder